Sunday, February 28, 2010

1990-92 Jaguar XJR-15

When you think of Jaguar super / hypercars one springs to mind the XJ220, am I right? A little know hypercar that Jaguar produced before the XJ220 was the XJR-15. A true race car for the road built in collaboration between Jaguar and TWR: JaguarSport, partially to distance it from the forthcoming XJ220 (first produced in 1992). When I say a real road racer how does a car based on the 1988 Le Man’s winner, XJR-9, using most of its running gear, V12 and chassis as its starting point sound!!!!.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Steinwinter Truck Concept

This has to be one of the most unusual trucks ever produced. The concept was simple by reducing the height tractor unit there could be a saving in fuel and an increase in transported volume. The tractor unit stand just 1170mm tall and allow an additional 150m3 of volume. This concept lead to what you see here was debuted at the 1983 International Automobile Exhibition. This concept was to use modularity units that could be tailored ie the tractor unit could be fitted with a variety of engines and trailer units to allow a variety of uses from standard transportation of containers to use as a coach/bus. The cab its self was designed to be like a car then not connected up

The cab was more like a sports car with bucket seats and a full digital dashboard. Due to the flat and level floor there was room for a bunk between the seats and a wardrobe.

A number of major manufacturers, namely DAF and Isuzu showed initial interest in the concept but failed to take it any further. This may have been due to the unusual driving position, reported understeering or just that once the tractor unit when connected up to its trailer it wasn’t much more fuel efficient than a conventional truck.

Oh and if you think the truck look familiar, it was the base for one of the trucks in the short-lived TV show The Highwayman back in the late 1980’s

Information on the truck is limited the 2 following link have been translated-

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Volkswagen SP2

I know what your thinking “it’s a Porsche” am I right?

This is the Volkswagen SP2 produced in Brazil for a Brazilian market. In the 1970’s the Brazilian market was closed to imports therefore the only sports cars available were from small independent makers.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Alfa Romeo 164 Pro Car

In the mid 80’s there was a race series designed to run alongside Formula 1. The concept was a car using F1 technology mounted in a “silhouette” body of conventional road going cars. Alfa Romeo had a V10 (Alfa’s only one it ever produced) from a failed racing car and went on to build the following Pro Car for the series. By all accounts its was faster and more powerful that the F1 cars its was designed to support. Unfortunately non of the other major manufacturers bought into the series resulting in this being the only car built for a series that never was.

More information on the Pro Car that never was-

Vector W8

Okay tough decision on what my first post should be, soooooooo decided on this one of those iconic cars that I remember growing up. A car that both represents the 80’s in which it was designed and drive of its creator Jerry Wiegert. Based on the 1980 W2 concept/one off’s the W8 finally hit production in 1989 and after only 3 short years and 22 built production and the company closed. Running a twin turbo V8 producing 625 BHP. At the time this was unheard of in even when compared to the equivalent Italian offerings, and all through a 3 speed automatic transmission. The thing that did it for me though when I saw a picture on the wall at school ,was how it looked. I mean look at it, a mixture of 80’s styling and 90’s technology and power an awesome combination-

More information on both Vector Cars and vehicles they created-


Welcome to The Petrol Stop

Welcome to The Petrol Stop, i hope you like what you see here.

The reason i decided to set this site up is a simple one, I'm car mad a total petrol head. But what really peaks my interest are unsual or rare cars that surprise me when i see then. You know the thing I mean when you think "what the hell is that!!!!", "I did'nt know they produced that" etc

So the hope for this site is to showcase some of those cars that either did'nt get the mention they deserved, were overlooked, never made it further than concept or are just plain fantastic and may interest a wider audience of fellow minded individuals. I will also put links on to where you can find even more information.

By all means leave me comments or if you've seen something you think should be on here by all means fire it over to me.

This is also the first time i've done anything like this so the site may go through a few minor tweeks over the first few months till i'm in the swing of things.

Thanks again for having a look


VW Golf Country

When I first saw one of these at the VW Festival in Leed’s the first thing to spring to mind was “oh what has this numpty done putting a Golf body on a 4x4” little did I know I was the numpty for thinking that!!!!! After a little bit of research I found out that this was a factory produced vehicle.

Produced between 1990 and 1991 it sold over 7000 examples mainly in Europe where it was sold as a utility / small off roader. It was even sold in GTI guise. As you can see it has all the usual 4x4 refinements, wheel on back (check), bull bars on front (check) and big wheels (check). Personally I think its great and I saw one for sale over on Retro Car Trader about 6 months ago for a little shy of £5000.