Friday, February 19, 2010

Welcome to The Petrol Stop

Welcome to The Petrol Stop, i hope you like what you see here.

The reason i decided to set this site up is a simple one, I'm car mad a total petrol head. But what really peaks my interest are unsual or rare cars that surprise me when i see then. You know the thing I mean when you think "what the hell is that!!!!", "I did'nt know they produced that" etc

So the hope for this site is to showcase some of those cars that either did'nt get the mention they deserved, were overlooked, never made it further than concept or are just plain fantastic and may interest a wider audience of fellow minded individuals. I will also put links on to where you can find even more information.

By all means leave me comments or if you've seen something you think should be on here by all means fire it over to me.

This is also the first time i've done anything like this so the site may go through a few minor tweeks over the first few months till i'm in the swing of things.

Thanks again for having a look


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