Thursday, March 4, 2010

Stoat Scarab

This it possibly the first people carrier, built in 1936 it feature many modern day technologies including a body built out of aluminium, independent spring suspension and didn’t have a body/chassis set up!!!!

It waas built by William Stoat an aeronautical engineer, and you can see the 30’s airplane influences all over this car.

It was powered by a V8 Ford flathead mounted behind the rear axle therefore removing the prop shaft from the cabin creating a large usable interior. The seating was adjustable just like a modern people carrier and could be reconfigured to suit needs. The only seat that couldn’t be moved was the drivers. Only 9 were built and 5 still remain.

If only modern cars could have the style and elegance that this thing is draped in with the practicality, truly a car well ahead of its time.

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