Friday, April 23, 2010

6 Wheeled F1 Cars

When you think of 6 wheeled Formula 1 cars the Tyrell P34 always comes to mind, with its iconic 4 up front wheel configuration. However a few other manufacturers had a go, but not with the front, but the rear wheels, here’s some pictures and links to a few, unfortunately the regulations in 1983 took all the fun out of it banning 4 wheel drive and soon after 6 wheeled cars-

1977 Ferrari 312T6-

1982 Williams FW08-6W-

1977 March 1-2-4-


Tyrell P34-

Unfortunately with the exception of the Tyrell the other cars seem to only have been prototypes and run only a few times as a result information on them is sketchy. They do however allow you to hark back to a time when motorsport was all about trying something outrageous and innovitive to push the boundaries of the sport, its a shame the regulations don't allow this any more.


  1. I saw those models depicted in the Animé Serie "Grand Prix" in late 70's and early 80's

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