Saturday, April 3, 2010

Y2K Super Turbine Bike

Well its about time I added a bike on these pages, and this has to be a good start, a bike powered by a jet turbine engine from a military helicopter. The Bell Jet Ranger’s Rolls Royce Allison Model 250 turbo shaft engine (think huey helicopter) to be precise!!!! producing the equivalent of 320bhp, the bike was capably of 250mph. The original engine ran on kerosene, fortunately the engine can be tweaked to run on diesel for the road. But its the sound of the thing its like nothing else on earth, just listen to it on the video below. A jet engine whine and its road legal if you can cough up the $185,000 for one!!!! That puts in the Guinness Book of Records for most powerful, fastest and expensive road bike. This is the original bike, MTT (Marine Turbine Technologies) who build this think also produce a 420bhp version!!!!

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