Saturday, May 29, 2010

Honda CRX electric roof

Back in the early 90's Honda replace the road going go-cart the CRX with this bland version, that didnt live up to its sporty looks or its predocessors reputation. It did however have one trick ups its sleave or rather in its boot. Before the current crop of tin top convertables started by Mercede's and sold to the masses by Peugeot, Honda had a go of fitting a system to its car. As you will see its more like a retro fit. Although I remember seeing this on Top Gear when I was a teenager and thinking its was the coolest thing in the world!!!!! I know. But one thing probably held this thing back, its still quicker to remove the roof panel and stow it in the boot by hand, oh and you'd still have boot space too, but for over the top optional extra this has to be up there and on here. (for some reason to see the clip, click on the play button just down on the page)-


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