Thursday, July 15, 2010

Subaru SVX

Personally I’ve never actually seen one of these in the flesh, most probably because Subaru only sold 25000 of which only 2500 were sold in Europe!!!! It was Subaru’s attempt to enter the US luxury/performance sector. Unfortunately this good looking car with Eastern and European styling was released on the public in 1991 just in time for a recession. The low sale number should detract from a good car from all accounts, with a flat Boxer 6, 3.3ltr engine producing 230bhp, it certainly was no slouch and in looks department it was a departure from the usual US 3 box or jelly mould cars for sale in the US at the time. Infact it seems to have taken a few styling cues from the Renault Alpine GTA released only a few years before. It just goes to prove that Subaru had a number of irons in the fire at this time along with the legendry Impreza, which seems to have lost its way in its current incarnation.

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  1. Saw this and thought of you... knew you would have done an article on it and may want to see one in the flesh...


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