Thursday, August 26, 2010

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As it says above, theres now Facebook Group where I'll be posting up when new articles etc are on here. Also if you know of any vehicles you think I should have a look at then you can post them there.

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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Amphicoach GTS-1

Well I though it was about time for something completely different, I was always going to do a coach but when I saw this it seemed to be built for this website, an amphibious coach!!!!! What’s different about this one it is looks like a conventional coach, not an elongated military vehicle that’s as luxurious as a tug boat on wheels. As you can see it looks like any other one you pass on the motorway, with all the luxury we have come to expect. It can spend hours in open water and comes with all the requirements for full road use such as ABS, life vests and seatbelts again complying with both requirements for road and sea. Powered by 250 and 300bhp diesel engines and its rear wheels retract in the water reducing drag. Amazingly enough has been achieved with full compliance to all relevant E.U. Legislation for Passenger Vehicles and Passenger Vessels. This legislation is widely known to be the most extensive in the world, and is achieved without any need for exemptions for the vehicles dual purpose capability.

This is truly one of those vehicles that takes an existing concept and goes well beyond it, its like comparing a Bugatti Veyron with the SCC Ultimate Aero TT ie ones a fibreglass bucket with an engine and a seat, the other is pure luxury and does the same insane job!!!!

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Monday, August 9, 2010

Turbo Interceptor/ Dodge M4S

In the world of car movies for me theres one that stands out, it started with a ball of light coming down from the sky over a middle state desert on to a long highway picking up speed. Then BAM it blasts in to a sleek black car with a mysterious helmeted driver stood next to it. The film The Wraith, the car the Turbo Interceptor. In my young shaver days this was the car film to have seen. Only a few years a go I deliberately went out to get it on DVD and to my surprise I wasn’t disappointed by the passage of time. Any way enough reminiscing although that’s what cars to, they hang on to a memory and take you back in a flash.

Looking at this car you’d instantly think with its sleek lines, lack of wings and air intakes, that it was made in the 90’s (thinking Jaguar XJ220, Honda NSX etc). Surprisingly it was made in the 1986 years before conservative supercar design. This was still a time of the full body kitted Lamborghini Countach and Ferrari Tessarossa.

You’d also expect that this was designed and built for the movie, but it wasn’t. It was originally built for a single purpose, that though being a pace car for sprint races by Chrysler in collaboration with PPG Chemicals in 1983/4. So it would actually drive as well as it looked. Packing 400bhp from its mid mounted Mopar 2.2ltr 4 cylinder engine. The body work was tweaked for the film but in the original (although not by much) promo pictures for the film the Chrysler badge can be seen on the front of the car. This was filled in for the film its self. The car its self cost $1.5m. 6 were built for the film 4 prop cars and 2 for close up shots. Its unclear how many actually cars were built though, numbers range from a single car to upto 4.

The Dodge M4S-

Promo picture, with Chrysler badge-

I love this car especially the fact that at the time it was something so different and even today its still jaw dropping. To put it in perspective the film also featured the Dodge Daytona which at the time still hadn’t been released for sale and was standard 80’s sports car fodder of the time ie angles.

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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Detailed at Awesome Summerbash

Well on Sunday morning decided at the last minute to pop over to Irlam for the following event-

I thought it would just be a few show cars sat outside the garage and a burger van, how wrong was I, well there was a burger van. As I drove in past the line of MK3 Scirocco's then the TT's it was obvious this was alot bigger that I thought!!!! I scraped over the speed hump in to the overtaken car park opersite Awesome and considering it was only 10:30 in the morning had to park away down it past a miriad of stadard and modified VAG's. Intermixed with a Noble, a few 80's Quattro's and BMW's.

The open house feel to Awesome's garage was also a nice touch ie just wander in and have a look. The show and shine also had a great variety of cars from an early 80's Derby right through to a Eos on Bentley wheels. All in all a great event just a shame I had to leave after only an hour as more cars were streaming in.

For lots more pictures follow the link to slideshow in the 2010 Galleries section-

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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Nissan Almera GTI

Although a mid sized family car with a GTI badge on it was nothing new, hell most Golf's, Escorts even AX's can still be seen on the roads today (although the AX is a rarity) just think if the last time you saw a Almera GTI. Not the SRI the GTI?

The last one I saw was about a year ago in a pub car park, before then it would be in the late 90's, its one of those cars you'd want bacause its so rare and was a much sleaker alternative to the overweigth MK3 Golf and bland MK4 Escort with a GTI badge grafted on to its boot to replace the SI one.

If your a child of the 70's/80's then the myth of this car stems from its 1996 avertising campaign taking the mick out of iconic 70's cop shows, that sold the car so well the press of the time printed a shortage of the car!!!! the adverts are classic and will take you back in time, so enjoy-

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