Sunday, August 22, 2010

Amphicoach GTS-1

Well I though it was about time for something completely different, I was always going to do a coach but when I saw this it seemed to be built for this website, an amphibious coach!!!!! What’s different about this one it is looks like a conventional coach, not an elongated military vehicle that’s as luxurious as a tug boat on wheels. As you can see it looks like any other one you pass on the motorway, with all the luxury we have come to expect. It can spend hours in open water and comes with all the requirements for full road use such as ABS, life vests and seatbelts again complying with both requirements for road and sea. Powered by 250 and 300bhp diesel engines and its rear wheels retract in the water reducing drag. Amazingly enough has been achieved with full compliance to all relevant E.U. Legislation for Passenger Vehicles and Passenger Vessels. This legislation is widely known to be the most extensive in the world, and is achieved without any need for exemptions for the vehicles dual purpose capability.

This is truly one of those vehicles that takes an existing concept and goes well beyond it, its like comparing a Bugatti Veyron with the SCC Ultimate Aero TT ie ones a fibreglass bucket with an engine and a seat, the other is pure luxury and does the same insane job!!!!

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