Sunday, August 1, 2010

Nissan Almera GTI

Although a mid sized family car with a GTI badge on it was nothing new, hell most Golf's, Escorts even AX's can still be seen on the roads today (although the AX is a rarity) just think if the last time you saw a Almera GTI. Not the SRI the GTI?

The last one I saw was about a year ago in a pub car park, before then it would be in the late 90's, its one of those cars you'd want bacause its so rare and was a much sleaker alternative to the overweigth MK3 Golf and bland MK4 Escort with a GTI badge grafted on to its boot to replace the SI one.

If your a child of the 70's/80's then the myth of this car stems from its 1996 avertising campaign taking the mick out of iconic 70's cop shows, that sold the car so well the press of the time printed a shortage of the car!!!! the adverts are classic and will take you back in time, so enjoy-

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