Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Less well known Lamborghini’s

If you were asked to list the cars built by Lamborghini chances are it would look similar to this-


Okay some may have started with a tractor!!!! But Lamborghini has produced a variety of cars, including some 4 seaters, over the years. Below are a number of alternatives starting with the very first back in 1964-

1963 GT 350

1968 Islero 400 GT

1968 Espada

1970 Jamara

1972 Urraco 250

1976 Silhouette

I have no doubt i’ll visit a few of these again in more detail as well as a few specials built by Lamborghini. But I think you'll agree theres more to Lamborghini than the usual supercars.

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Lotus Carlton

Collaboration between car manufacturers are a fickle affair, particularly when it comes to sports car builders tie-in with the main stream ones. They usually ends up as a “sports” model that’s had a rebadging exercise, ie the MG Montego!!!!! Some time though is more than that, the “tweaking” to the standard model is more than the badge, sometimes it results in the car being lifted to another level. When its seen as more the sports car builders car than the donor manufacturer think about the Lotus Cortina.

The collaboration between Lotus and Vauxhall has produced some iconic cars starting with the Lotus Carlton. Fast saloon cars with a sporty edge had been around for years before this was released on the public in 1990. Most were homologation versions to allow a manufacturer to go rallying/racing (Ford‘s Cosworth‘s and RS‘s), but the Carlton was built as a fast road car as simple as that.

Lotus worked its magic on the executive car in the Vauxhall line up, a relatively dull run of the mill barge, turning it into an iconic car that set in urban myth.. Packing a 3.6ltr straight 6 with twin turbochargers strapped to it, it produced 377bhp and accelerated upto 177mph!!!!! That was supercar territory back then, giving it the deserved title of fastest 4 door saloon production car, which it held for a number of years, 10 to be exact!!! With only 950 built under the UK Carlton name and European Omega mantel with a price tag at the time of £48,000 this was one exclusive car.

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Monday, September 6, 2010

Oettinger S16 Golf

Volkswagen spearheaded the hot hatch revolution back in 1977, but the competition were soon on their toes particularly Ford with the Escort XR3. By 1981 VW were starting to fall behind in the traffic light drag race. VW’s 1.8 litre engine was still a few years away (this ended up being 7 years before VW produced its 16v engine) so they turned to Oettinger the only company that had a 16v head unit ready for use. Cars were produced by VW before being shipped over to Oettinger for the conversion. Unfortunately this version was only available in France!!!! The conversion increased the power from 112bhp in the 8v factory unit to 136bhp with the new head and engine and running gear. Other toys including alloys, full bodykit, rear wing and replacment dials with increased MPH and rev counter up to 8000rpm. Only 1250 were built which makes this one rare versions.

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Friday, September 3, 2010


I remember when I was at Primary school, about 10 years of age, looking through some car books in the library when I turned to a page containing a picture. A picture of a car racing in full red, white and blue livery. It was like nothing else I’d ever seen before, sleek, fast and sporty (I was 10) and written below it, BMW M1.

Since that day I have always had a soft spot for this supercar. A car that didn’t have the racing impact it was built for. It was the first car built by BMW Motorsports division and still the only mass produced mid engine car BMW have ever built. Originally meant to be developed and built by Lamborghini, Lamborghinis financial situation meant production was moved to Baur. Homologation problems in the development and move of production base meant that the number of road going versions required for it to race were not met, by the time they were and following a move to Procar (due to a change in the rules) meant the car was no longer competitive even though the race version, fitted with BMW's legendary straight 6, with up to 850bhp. Its badluck resulted in a short production life, running from 1979 to 1981. The road going version producing 277bhp only managed to number 450 examples. Its just a shame its look didn’t influence more of the BMW range further that the front engined 850 produced through the 1990’s.

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