Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Less well known Lamborghini’s

If you were asked to list the cars built by Lamborghini chances are it would look similar to this-


Okay some may have started with a tractor!!!! But Lamborghini has produced a variety of cars, including some 4 seaters, over the years. Below are a number of alternatives starting with the very first back in 1964-

1963 GT 350

1968 Islero 400 GT

1968 Espada

1970 Jamara

1972 Urraco 250

1976 Silhouette

I have no doubt i’ll visit a few of these again in more detail as well as a few specials built by Lamborghini. But I think you'll agree theres more to Lamborghini than the usual supercars.

For more information-


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