Monday, September 6, 2010

Oettinger S16 Golf

Volkswagen spearheaded the hot hatch revolution back in 1977, but the competition were soon on their toes particularly Ford with the Escort XR3. By 1981 VW were starting to fall behind in the traffic light drag race. VW’s 1.8 litre engine was still a few years away (this ended up being 7 years before VW produced its 16v engine) so they turned to Oettinger the only company that had a 16v head unit ready for use. Cars were produced by VW before being shipped over to Oettinger for the conversion. Unfortunately this version was only available in France!!!! The conversion increased the power from 112bhp in the 8v factory unit to 136bhp with the new head and engine and running gear. Other toys including alloys, full bodykit, rear wing and replacment dials with increased MPH and rev counter up to 8000rpm. Only 1250 were built which makes this one rare versions.

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