Wednesday, October 27, 2010

General Motors Futurliner

Back in 1940 GM toured the USA bringing the Parade of Progress to the public. This was in part a marketing tool for GM but also brought the advances of the day to masses for both its car design but also ata point in time when times were simpler and technology was on the brink with huge advance coming thick and fast and GM were the ones showcasing it such as microwave ovens and mixed in its new cars. In order to transport and show case this event GM built the Futurliners, 12 purpose built trucks to both show the advances in vehicle design and technology but they would also double as both a mobile advertisement and the stages. Due to the USA coming into WW2 only two tours were undertaken. However in 1953 GM dusted them off and once again drove them around the country until 1956. The most unusual aspect of the design was the centrally seated drivers position up high in the glass bubble. To cope with this the cab had additional air conditioning fitted to keep them cool. A recently fully restored one sold for $4,320,000 at the Barrett-Jackson Automobile Auction. This kind of touring show just doesn’t happen these days and at the time they were a huge deal with entire towns turning out to see them.

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