Monday, November 22, 2010

Campagna T-Rex

The 3 wheel vehicle is usually consigned to one of a few camps, Reliant, trike or race bike custom, either way usually they are handbuilt by the driver either from scratch or from a kit. The Camagna T-Rex is not, it’s sold as a production vehicle delivered built. 2 versions are currently available the standard and the higher spec’d RR version both with the same 197bhp, ZX14R Powered 1400R engine with 6 speed sequential box that will run it up to 197mph. If that’s not enough an aero kit was available as well. Built in Canada by a company whose goal is to build the best 3 wheel vehicle in the world.
The option list is limited to the additional luggage pods on the sides, this is a true track day machine that can be driven, raced then drive back. This thing is no cheap toy either, expect not to get much change from $60,000.

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