Thursday, November 11, 2010

Jensen Interceptor FF

The Interceptor in my eyes is the pinnacle of British muscle cars, not thebrash American chrome laden land yachts, but a more restrained highbrow interpretation. With its sleek lines, low profile and up market interior it was defiantly a gentleman’s car , a proper man’s car one to aspire to. But the one Interceptor that trumped all the others was the FF. FF stood Ferguson Formula 4 wheel drive system installed on to this car designed by Harry Ferguson Developments, this was back in 1966!!!! It even came with ABS, all to tame the 325bhp 6.3ltr V8 engine contained under that log bonnet. It was sold as the safest car on the road. On the looks of it there was no real difference to the standard model, but on closer inspection the double vents in the wing behind the front wheels spoke volumes and to even closer inspection its 4” longer to accommodate the four wheel drive system. Production lasted until 1971, when the market for such a car required it to be left hand drive, America. Unfortunately the 4 wheel drive system meant that this was impossible due to the position of the mechanics and the FF went out of production. It was a sensation on its release being named Car of the Year by car magazine in 1967.

And just listen to that V8-

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