Friday, December 3, 2010

Mohs Ostentatienne Opera Sedan

This has to be one of the strangest production cars ever (I use the word production loosely as only 3-4 per year between 1967 and 79 from what I can find out) built by Mohs Seaplane Corporation. The first thing you notice is the lack of side doors, you gain entry from the single rear door. This was due to the side rails to help protect the occupant in case of an accident. The wheels are also huge 20” and nitrogen filled (very novel in the 60’s).
The engine was a 9tr 250bhp V8 from International Harvester (I believe a truck engine) they also produced the chassis. Information on this car is sketchy at best so if anyone has anymore info let me know. But for now just enjoy one of those enigma cars, which seemed to promise a different automotive future.

The only real information I could find was a restoration thread-

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