Thursday, December 16, 2010

StreetHawk/ Honda XR500

If you of a certain age ie born in the late 70’s like me self TV was great growing up. It was full of tongue in cheek shows with usually a car or vehicle in the middle of it all such as the A- Team GMC van, Knightriders KITT and for one season Streethawk. Go on you remember the bike bursting out through that billboard and save the world or at least the girl. We all remember the bike was the coolest thing on 2 wheels after all it could go over 200mph and had rockets and machine guns!!!! Now enough of reminiscing, the bike was based on a Honda XL500 (Pilot XR500 for the series),

originally designed by Andrew Probert (check him out you’ve seen more of his work than you realise) for the pilot,

 the design was then modified by Ron Cobb to include rockets and machine guns. In total 4 different styles of bikes were built over the short lived 13 episode lifespan of the show. I can still remember getting an Annual back in 1985-

Admit it your humming the theme tune aren't you.

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