Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Wolfrace Sonic

This was built as a promotional “vehicle” to launch the Wolfrace Sonic alloys (similar to the Ford XR2 Pepper pots) in the very early 1980’s, this unusual and road legal car had a few surprises up its sleeve or rather under the bonnet, 2 Rover V8 engines sat side by side. These engines were control by an on board computer to make sure they ran in sequence with each other making it very advanced for the time. It also has a digital/LCD dash. You may also have noticed the 6 wheels, well is design to sell alloys. Not been able to find much more out, it is a one off and at some point was painted red. There’s not even a lot of information on the Wolfrace site. I just love the way it looks over the top as a promotional car should be.

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