Thursday, January 20, 2011

Golf 928

These days if you’re like me and watch the current crop of custom car shows, then the fitting a body from one car onto the running gear of something more exotic is nothing new, particularly with 60’s muscle cars on to their modern interpretations underpinnings.

Back in the early 80’s however this was unusual, so when German firm Nordstadt took the humble MK1 Golf and grafted in on too, what was at the time a supercar chassis, Porsche 928. The result was a V8 powered Golf that had a lower drag coefficient and more room inside than the donor car. But there was more to it than that. In order for the body to accommodate the Porsche running gear the body had to be widened by just over 8 inches.

This resulted in the only parts of the Golf being carried over being the lights, door skins and some trim, the rest of all custom made and for 10 lucky people with deep pockets and truly individual car. People were lining up round the block to buy this car but only 10 had been agreed to be built with Volkswagon’s blessing. From its outset as a promotional aid for the company the lines of the car had to follow those of the Golf and the result is perfect with a hybrid interior. Out of the 10 that were sold 8 were automatics with the remaining 2 and the original being 5 speed manual controlling the 240bhp engine sat up front. (I recommend you read the magazine article in the VWVortex link below as it covers more of the history)

This was not the first or last Volkswagon and Porsche that Nordstadt have built, and I’ll be revisiting some of their low number creations again.

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