Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Life L190 F1 car

The Life Formula 1 Team was a short lived one only competing in the 1990 season. You’d be forgiven for not noticing as the L190 it only qualified twice, to be honest it hardly ever got through pre qualifying, on a number of occasions it never got past the warm up lap!!!!! So why is a poor F1 car on here, well its engine it was a W12. Running 3 banks of 4 cylinders 2 in a V and vertical middle row. Quiet a radical departure considering in the post turbo era the rest of the field was running V10’s of various angles.
Unfortunately the revolutionary engine shoe-horned into a failed F1 teams chassis from the season before just didn’t have the reliability or the power output. Reports of the engine only producing 375bhp half that of the other competing cars and being 40mph off the pace on long straights meant the car was at worst 19s of the pre-qualifying times. The car attempted to race at 16 of the 20 tracks before the team folded. Just imagine though if the engine had worked and excelled the sound of F1 would have been changed for ever.

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