Tuesday, May 10, 2011

TVR Gathering, Chatsworth House, Derbyshire

Decided to do the hour or so run over the Chatsworth House on Sunday (for those who have seen the BBC Pride and Prejudice its Mr Darcy’s house) for the TVR Gathering. I didn’t really know much about it so was expecting say 100-150 cars to look at, when I got there to my surprise and delight there probably close to 500 if not more all lined up on the grass in front of this impressive mansion. All the different models were in attendance, I think, from Cerbera’s, Vixen’s, 350i to all lined up in model groups which made for great and easy comparisons between modified and standard as well as the tweaks to styling the factory made over the lives of each model.
There was even a Lamborghini and Arial Atom in the mix!!!!! As with most gatherings the Sagaris atmosphere was relaxed with people chatting, comparing and picnicking around the cars. There were also the only 2 road legal Typhoon’s on display, I’ll be looking closer at these soon.

All in all a great afternoon if I dare say a little overwhelming!!!!! But thoroughly enjoyed wandering around all these British sports cars in such a perfect location for them, and thankfully the weather was great.

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