Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Gordon Keeble

I saw this car recently at a classic car show in Lancashire I was taken by its simple lines and toggle switches. It’s obviously been built primarily as a sports/GT car. I also knew the Keeble name was rare, I didn’t appreciate how rare, this is one of only 99 built by the factory between 1963-66, although one more was built out of spare parts. Over its short life this car had a troubled one, with strikes affecting parts supply therefore stopping production, both Jim Keeble and John Gordon resigning, the company going to the brink of bankruptcy/ changing hands a few times and being built in 2 factories it’s amazing to think so many were actually built.
Fitted with a 5.4 litre short block Chevrolet V8 with 280bhp and with most sports cars in the 60’s, draped in a fibreglass body (the originally prototype styled by Giugiaro and built by Bertone was aluminium bodied). I recommend you have a read through the like below as the history of this car is straight out of a film script.

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