Monday, June 27, 2011

Lancashire Classic Car and Bike Show, Houghton Tower, Preston

Arriving at the very long and impressive drive up to Houghton Tower I didn’t know what to expect. After parking up I followed the simple sign down a rough track, at the end a you at the top end of a big filed that overlooks the whole car show with the cars lined up in single rows for ease of viewing. This is how all show should start. Money paid the next few hours were spent wandering around a round a variety of cars.

The majority of the cars seemed to just have lined up as they arrived leading to a really nice mixed bag approach to both models and types of cars. You just didn’t know what to expect next with Roll’s Royce’s next to convertible Golf’s, next to Volvo 340 next to 2CV, everymove and look around was a discovery. There were a few cars that really made my day, the Marcos Mantis and the Gordon Keeble two very rare cars indeed just parked up for all to walk around.

Listening to the coverage of the show in the main arena proved the relaxed atmosphere of the event, following a shout for “can 60’s car come to the arena please, not necessarily concourse” this was for nothing more than for a chat to the owners about their pride and joys. This lead to a mix including the aforementioned Gordon Keeble, E Type, Toyota Corona But when the Commentator saw the Vauxhall Cresta driving in he commented “Glad to see one of these as they started to rust as soon as they left the factory” smiles and chuckles were everywhere including the owner.
With probably 300 cars in attendance and free parking this was how a sunny Sunday afternoon should be spent. It was nice to see the start of a new breed of retro/classic starting to attend, with a few late 80’s Mercedes’s and a very nice Nissan Laurel


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    Thanks for sharing this update!

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