Friday, June 17, 2011

Yamaha OX99-11

Commissioned by the Yamaha Sports division rather than the bike one this supercar was based around Yamaha’s V12 F1 engine that was sat in the current Brabham at the time, granted detuned to only 400bhp. An engine that had yet to produce a win! The original development had started around 1990 but unhappy with the conventional supercar design that the first design company came up with Yamaha turned to IAD on the south coast of England. Within a year they had built this, a tandem 2 seater that had a definite F1 car look about it. Unfortunately all this carbon fibre and F1 technology came with a price tag $800,000 this just at the end of a recession. A further 2 cars were built and used as test beds and press car but the car never made it in to production. Issues were found with its handling which needed additional design development which was to be expected in supercar designed and built in 12 months, however this was taken over by Yamaha’s own company Ypsilon Technology in Milton Keynes, which was set up to both service the F1 engines and build the cars. Unfortunately 6 months later due to a perceived lack of demand the plug was pulled in 1992.

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