Monday, July 18, 2011

Nissan MID4

In the mid 1980’s Nissan looked at the supercar market and decided to throw its hat in the ring, in 1985 it debuted its first MID4 at the Frankfurt Autoshow. With sleek looks and powered by a mid-mounted 3ltr V6 with 226 bhp with four wheel drive, it would have at that time sat behind the 300ZX twin turbo in the Nissan line-up. By 1987 Nissan decided to lift its profile by installing a much more powerful twin turbo V6 giving it 325 bhp, with more refinement and at the Tokyo Motor Show the MID4 II was debuted.

Unfortunately this seems as far as it got with the development stopping there. This was probably due to the 300ZX being in production and the same engine fitting in that (became available in 1990), why pay more for the same thing!!!! In reality though with a recession looming its was probably a good thing not to have a full on supercar on the books. I think the 1985 car looked better, even with its MR2 style nose!!!! the 1987 car seems to have been toned down some what with the bland look that dominated 1990's car styling.

1985 Car-

1987 Car-

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