Thursday, July 21, 2011

Panther Solo

British built mid engined supercar, with pop up lights and built in exclusive numbers, Jaguar XJ220 is what your thinking hey, but a small manufacturer was also at it. Panther in Waybridge England, then owned by a Korean businessman, produced this 2 seat coupe, later the series 2 was a 2+2, between 1989-90. The Series 1 was powered by a 1.6ltr Ford engine from the XR2 running through the permanent 4 wheel drive system.

The car lent parts from several other cars and manufacturers such as Volkswagen Golf Mk1 lights (under those pop up covers), Ford Fiesta door handles and indicators and wing mirrors from Citro├źn. The Series 2 had a stretch body to accommodate those additional 2 seats and was powered by Ford’s Cosworth 2ltr turbo’d engine doubling he power and again running through the 4 wheel drive system. Unfortunately the custom made 4 wheel drive transfer box was its Achilles heel, with its internal chains prone to braking under extreme load. Approximately 20 were built with all but 3 sold to the public, 2 were destroyed in crash tests the other still owned by Panther (now part of the Ssangyong Motor Company).


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