Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Stars and Stripes, Tatton Park

With fantastic weather assured I headed once again to Tatton Park on the first morning of the Stars and Stripes American Car Show. I really do like this show because you just don’t know what will be new. This year it was hot rods, there may have only been a few when I was there but they made my day

I also had to smile at the requested over the PA system asking if anyone with engine knowledge particularly electrical could make their way over to the band as the generator wasn’t working. At a car show with an average car age over 40 years old I think there could have been one or two people.

There was the usual array of large 4x4’s, trucks, muscle cars, chrome laden sedan’s and big bikes. A great day was topped off by watching the “Wall of Death” show, highly recommend this if you’ve not seen it.

I recommend you sit through the slideshow, its 100 pictures long and I had to cut out 50!!!!

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