Thursday, August 18, 2011

Disappearing doors!!!!

Getting into a car usually involves opening a door and climbing in then leaning over and closing it, and as we know how doors open varies from car to car from the conventional way to suicide, roof hinged and scissor. Jaytech California LLC decided that it had found a niche in the market by making disappearing doors. Which they claim mean a driver can park in ever tighter parking spaces as you won’t need the additional space to open the door and make the car safer. They even fitted the system to a few cars and demonstrated this. At first glance it’s an awesome idea, but on a practical side maybe not, but still its most certainly innovative and unusual.

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  1. hmmmm don't like that at all lol

  2. I think this is a terrific idea! The main concerns I'd have are manual operation (if the electrical system fails) and protection against leakage. But if the design accommodates this, I'd expect for this to become common place. Of course, in areas that receive a lot of snow fall, it may present a problem.


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