Monday, August 22, 2011

Scripps-Booth, Bi Autogo

This vehicle has the priviledge of being the first V8 powered vehicle to be built in Detroit. Built in 1913 by self-taught James Scripps-Booth, an heir of the Scripps publishing fortune, it was a motorbike with stabilising wheels that could be lowered by the driver at slow speeds. It had many innovative features not yet seen on production cars of the day, hidden door hinges, folding armrests and a horn mounted in the middle of the steering wheel.
Yes that was steering wheel, the concept was more car than bike. The 6.3ltr V8 produced a massive 45bhp (in the day this was huge). The copper pipes seen running around the front are a heat exchanger/radiator for the engine. It was meant for limited production however this was the only one built.

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