Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Keeble K3

From one half of the partnership that produced the awesin Gordon Keeble in the 1960’s, Jim Keeble kept in the sutomotive industry designing and testing cars through to the 1980’s. At this time he built this prototype the K3. A small engine 3 wheeled car that by all accounts was very fast and would carry on going up to 125mph!!!! Meant for a production run of 40 cars it never made it into production, it’s a real shame because it has that mad look about it that all 3 wheeled cars should have.
 It can be seen ar the Hampshire Industrial & Social History Museum 'Milestones' in Basingstoke, Hampshire. Not much information about this available so just enjoy the pictures.

For more information on Jim Keeble-


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