Monday, October 24, 2011

Customising, Culture & Harley-Davidson, MOSI

I had been looking forward to going to this exhibition ever since I found out about it back in February this year, unfortunately for one reason or another I missed it, then a little luck happened reading the Sunday paper I saw it still advertised. Turns out the run had been extended for an additional month so on Sunday morning I headed over to the awesome Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI) in Manchester city centre.
The venue couldn’t have been better, the 1830’s Warehouse allows the exhibits to be sat in a fantastic industrial venue with brick walls, cast iron beams and wooden floor that add an awesome atmosphere to the displays. As I walked in I was welcomed and given some information, the main one being “take as many pictures as you like”.

The first bike you see is a modern production bike, and then the history lesson begins, with bikes from the start and running through the history of the company with a chartered history on the wall. From here the fun stuff starts, the first custom bike you see if the Smooth Chopper with hydraulic suspension and that huge rear tyre, and a mock-up of a shop. This leads into the main display room, where approximately 25 custom bikes from all over the world are perfectly lit. Bike range from the “Jaguar” inspired to trikes and all out speed machines. The mix is perfect. Each bike has some basic information about it, year built, power, engine size etc just enough to get the juices flowing.

From this room you can take the opportunity to see the film about the Polar Cycles, before taking in a whole wall of custom painted half fuel tanks. And the last thing to do is have a sit on the production Harley for a picture (my 4 year old loved this, then again so did I). The whole walk round took about an hour, but I dare say you could have been there for hours just picking out all the details on the bikes.

For more information-,-culture-harley-davidson-exhibition.aspx

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