Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Jehle Saphier

Now this is an usual car that over its 10 year life span has been constantly developed and “improved”. Built in Liechtenstein original based upon the trusty VW Beetle chassis and running gear when it was first introduced in 1982 with only 54bhp. Later in 1985 is was built around a custom chassis that allowed a more powerful engine to be installed, staying in the VW family with an upgraded GTI engine with 150-200bhp.
This was again upgraded in 1988 to offer up to 500bhp with a 5.6ltr Ford V8 . Toward the end of its life in 1990 the “Super” version even had a 6.6ltr twin turbo V12 with a choice of between 500-1000bhp!!!!!!

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