Monday, October 31, 2011


A sports convertible with a removable hardtop, built in Ireland for export to the State out of fibreglass. Okay that all sounds plausible but in 1959 the hotrod scene was about and the muscle car was on the horizon. The problem the Shamrock was based around the Austin A55 and its 1.5ltr engine with only 51bhp, that was fine for the twisty A and B roads here in Britain but not good for Interstate cruising. Another problem was more fundamental, the design of the rear body with its shrouded rear wheels there was no way to remove the body or lower the wheels, so if you got a puncture then the rear axel needed to be removed to get the flat off!!!!! It was hoped that 10000 a year would be produced , in total 8 completed cars were built in the 6 months the factory was open.

And the Austin A55 that provided so much of the above car-

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