Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Seeing a market for a scooter that would get commuters in congested cities out of their cars BMW came up with the C1. From the outset safety was paramount with the bike being crash tested and fairing as well as many contemporary small city cars. The inclusion of ABS, seat belt and side protection bars meant that in many countries (Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France, Israel and Spain) exceptions for the need to wear a helmet were made specifically for the C1.
However there were concerns that in those countries that the use of a helmet was required the added stress on the neck created by the seatbelt and added weight of the helmet, may be an issue. The inclusion of a roof and windscreen also added to the potential appeal. The bike was released in 2000 in either 125cc (which in the UK would allow most car drivers to use it without a motorbike licence once they’d completed a Compulsory Bike Test, using their car drivers licence), and 200cc. Unfortunately sales were low and with no USA release and many European countries not relaxing the helmet wearing rules production ceased in 2003. This has to be a true forward thinking concept that was put into production, but as time would tell the buying public and governments didn’t buy into the idea add to this it premium price tag.

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