Friday, November 11, 2011

Kaiser Darrin

Now this is an interesting car with a interesting history. Designed by “Dutch” Darrin who was already a respected designer with the Packard Darrin in the 40‘s to name. He had worked for K. F. Corp on a few previous projects but its when asked Henry Kaiser, the K in the company name, to come to his shop to see something he’d built in his own time, things changed. When Henry laid eyes on the sports cars he dismissed it “we don’t build sportscars” but as luck would have it his wife spoke up saying that it was the most wonderful car she had ever seen. With this recommendation production started a year later in 1954. Not only that but Henry had cleared it with the board to co name the car.

The car had a few innovations with it being the first American car to have a glass fibre body. It also had a 3 part folding roof and doors that slid into the front wings as well as a tinted windscreen. Unfortunately this all came at a cost, to much of a cost as it would have it. The car was the same price as many luxury barges at the time and as a result only 435. Of those 50, due being caught in a snow storm while in the factory car park before delivery, meant they were unfit for delivery . A month later when they could be dug out, were sold back to Darrin for virtually nothing. These 50 went to his own shop where they were modified and toward the end had more powerful engines installed to try and stimulate sales.

One of those cars that just had to be built.



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