Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Peugeot Oxia

The terms Peugeot and Supercar are not likely bedfellows, but in 1988 Peugeot debuted its Oxia concept car at the Paris Auto Show. The difference with the very modern looking concept was its actually worked!!! Powered by a twin turbo mid mounted V6 producing 670bhp powering all 4 wheels, all this in what turns out is a Supercar looking GT cruiser , but when its teased would keep going upto 187mph. It even had 4 wheel steering, a early satellite navigation system, a built in phone and even CD player!!!!
What a dramatic looking car that seems to suit its more low brow badge, it’s a shame it wasn’t built as it may have taken the manufacturer in a new direction. The link below has loads of information so I recommend a read.


For more information-

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