Monday, December 5, 2011

Boschet B300 Gullwing

So what do you do when as a yuppie in the late 1980’s you wanted to stand out in the company car park while demonstrating how much money you earned? Buy a Mercedes 300CE I hear you say. No I said show how much money you earn, surely a bespoke tuned Mercedes 300CE, and Boschet could sell you one of the most memorable. Harking back to the original 300SL with its gullwing doors, Boschet would taka a standard 300 move the c-pillar forward 25cm, then graft these doors too it and sell it to you as the Boschet B300. The car was actually sold in both normal and gullwing variants, most sold being the conventional tuned doored version. But a small number of the good ones were built from 1989.
Original 300CE-

The B300 Gullwing (note the change of badge on the front, Mercedes wouldn’t allow its badge to be used on this excessively modified car)

The B300

For more information-

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