Monday, December 19, 2011

Ford Gyron

In 1961 Ford released this show/concept car, in the home of the car Detroit, as a possible look at the future. It was never meant for production but more for publicity. Looking like a large motorcycle with 2 side by side seats like a car, it used gyroscopes to keep the car upright. When stationary additional small wheels popped out of the side to stabilise the car. The Achilles heel of this car though was those gyroscopes, they would take 3 minutes to spin up to speed before you could drive away. So this car was not a get in and drive experience. I think you’ll agree the styling and forward looking futuristic look are straight out of the space race. Even the steering wasn’t using a conventional steering wheel, but a joystick between the body hugging seats. Just imaging seeing one of these driving down the road, and listening to that hum from the gyroscope.

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