Monday, January 2, 2012

8th Annual Classic Car and Bike Winter Restoration Show, Donington Park

Well 2 days into the new year and definitely time for an auto jumble / car show. This time I headed over to Donington Park for, thankfully, an in door event. After getting there early and queuing to get in, I paid my money and entered the large venue. The choice of vendors was quiet large, definitely a place to put on your calendar if you planning a project over winter and need parts.
You’ll probably find all the nut, bolts, tools and parts you will need. In side the hall was also a small show of cars, a few (Ford Mexico etc) in concourse condition, along with a selection of bikes from cafĂ© racers to 70’s super bikes. Further into the hall were a few club stands with some refreshingly “lived in” cars. The highlight for me was the Honda Accord.

The event is primarily a auto jumble, but just outside is a small car park, that if you drive to there in you classic then your waved I to park up right next to the hall. This is then open to the visitors to wander around, adding to the event. This “car park” therefore changed throughout the day allowing for a variety of cars to be shown. The 4x4 mini was fantastic.

All in all it was a nice start to the year, I even got some supplies for the man space.



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