Thursday, January 19, 2012


I was out running the other night after being constantly blinded by car headlights I though back to a time when you could tell the make and model of a car in the dark by its lights. I remember sitting in the back of my Dad’s E21 BWW and firstly being able to look out of the windows and the waistband of the car was low enough but also spotting cars, Ford Escorts MK3/4’s with their square lights, Jaguars with the duel lights, VW Golfs with the single round lights etc. They were bright enough to supplement the streetlights while still allowing the style of lamp to be seen. If for some reason a run down a country lane was needed then on went the full beams and the hedges were lit up like day light.

These days with overly bright lights and HID lamps I think the drive for safety by having brighter main beams has created its own safety issue. How many time have you been trying to pull out of a side road only to be dazzled by an oncoming cars who’s lights are that bright the first thing you think is “stupid idiot turn your main beams off” only to realise there not on, but worse than that the you can’t judge how fast the car is moving!!!!!!! HID’s are worse as they seem to twinkle like the lights are being flashed. It’s a wonder if the full beam option ever needs to be used, if it does it must look like a rally car doing a forest stage at 2am in the fog.

Add to that if you sat in front of one of these “new modern” lit cars, particularly a 4x4, then you’re guaranteed to be blinded at the traffic lights relecting of your rear-view and wing mirrors (actual wing mirrors do you remember those). Not only that because brake lights have also gotten ridiculously bright as well and most of the driving population have forgotten what than handle between the seats is for, you get blinded by the car in front as well.

Add into the mix automatic lights, I’ve definitely fallen for a flash of the lights, thinking “oh he’s letting me in” only to realise nearly too late that, no the shadow of the building has turned the lights on. Oh and I am guilty my current daily has this option and I love it, driving’s easy.

I think things have gone a bit silly, let’s go back to a time when headlights were either round or square and always slightly yellow in colour.


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