Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Jules Proto 6x4

Competing in the Paris Dakar is never an easy feat due to the rigours the vehicles have to go through to just finish. Most are either heavily adapted road cars/4x4 for privateers or for the established manufactured out to prove something with one off purpose built creations with the company face and model name attached to it. However, every so often a team enters with something truly awe-inspiring. The entry of the perfume sponsored “Jules” Proto in 1984 with 6 wheels, 4 powered (the rear axle not being powered), and powered by a mid mounted Chevy 350 V8 with 350bhp transmitted through a Porsche gearbox, all sat in a space frame chassis. The thing looks awesome and like it could take on anything. Unfortunately it didn’t finish due its chassis snapping!!!!!! Still this shows the innovative thinking that this race needs, it also looks cool.

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