Friday, February 17, 2012

Cannonball Run Lamborghini Countach

There are those iconic moments in your youth when you see something and it’s just right, it’s perfect and that memory just sticks with you through your life. One of those moments for me was the starting credits of the Cannonball Run with “that” Lamborghini Countach, the sound the speed that panning shot as it creeps up behind the cop car, the tan leather interior and of cause the drivers!!!!!

But the one think that sets its aside is that little wing on the front. To European eyes a modification, to the USA an actual requirement to meet road safety laws concerning the minimum height of car bumpers and 5mph impact laws. What it actually did was cement it in the sub-conscious of every petrol head that this was the perfect supercar.

The car its self is a series II Countach with the iconic V12 singing behind the driver. For this car it was also fitted with a 12 (yes 12) pipe exhaust. The car remained the ownership of Hawaiian Tropic from filming for the next 28 years, appearing in a few commercials and as an advertising gimmick. In 2008 however it was finally sold to a private collector who undertook a complete restoration which included returning the now maroon interior back to the tan one, follow the link below for the restoration and pictures of before and after.

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  1. If this car goes 230 mph, it would've had 650-700 horsepower, not 385. Plus, a stock Countach LP400S had 375 (not 385) horsepower.

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