Monday, February 27, 2012

Morris Minor Rally, Manchester Museum of Transport

After having a look round the buses a few weeks back and getting a events list I noticed that there was a Morris Minor Rally in a few weeks’ time, so here I am. With the building being in an old industrial area of Manchester with brick built sheds and old buses parked outside to make room for the Minors, the road in front looked like something out of the 1950’s/60’s.

On a side road there was even an old Marina, which was nice to see on one of the side streets

Inside the Museum Minors off all types from 2 and 4 door to convertibles, vans and travellers of varying ages and condition were squeezed into the old bus shed, surrounded by the towering old guard of the buses. The atmosphere was relaxed with people milling around chatting and having a brew in the café. In all it was more like a large car club meet than a car show, and I felt right at home.

With lots of cars and atmosphere both me and my little one (4 years old) took far too many photos, if you have any sort of interest in Morris Minors then I recommend you pop over next year. Will be back again in a few months for the Standard and Triumph rally.

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