Thursday, March 29, 2012

Jankel Tempest

From the man behind the Panther 6, Robert Jankel, this is what happens when you take a humble C4 Corvette and virtually hand build a super car convertible around it. The 6.7L petrol V8, was treated to a supercharger which resulted in 535bhp this then resulted in 1992 with a Guinness World Record for fastest production car to 60mph at just shy of 3.3s and a top speed of 200mph. The car went into production in 1993 although I’m not sure how long it stayed in production for. Jankel now build armoured cars!!!! So a slight change in direction there then. Although you can see on profile where its roots lie there no denying the changes give it a much more aggressive look I just love those bonnet air intakes.


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  2. Hello Community,

    I have a Tempest Jankel in my hands. A lot of what is written on the web is that the car comes with a 6.2lts but ours has a 5.7ltr engine. I have searched the web endlessly trying to find out the value of this car, even to the point of going back to Jankel themselves but they're out of date with valuations. Would love to know if anyone has come across any pricing for such a machine? I know its obscure but someone must be able to offer a realistic price for this car. Serious feedback welcome, jokers and time wasters - jog on... Many thanks in advance.