Friday, March 9, 2012

Stimson Scorcher

Part Mini, part kit car and part trike this is the Stimson Scorcher. Barry Stimson built 30 of these vehicles between 1976 and 81 in Nouveau, Brighton. Barry had a history of building Mini based cars, some of which I’ll come back in the near future, The Scorcher though was a little different with its 3 wheel configuration. The cost of this unusual trike £375+ VAT, all you had to do was supply him with the running gear , steering, foot pedals , handbrake and fuel tank and he’d take care of the rest, including putting that tuned mini engine up front.
From what I found out only about 15 still remain, just think about the looks you would have gotten riding this, even today 2 wheels at the front is unusual in the late 1970’s it would have been unique!!!!!

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  1. I had a brief correspondence with Barry in the 1980's at which time he had sold on the jigs and body moulds to someone who was intending to restart production. Nothing ever came of it unfortunately. I still remember one being exhibited on Tomorrow's World on the BBC.

  2. Thanks for the additional information.

  3. And is if by magic, the jigs and body moulds have appeared on eBay!

    Ive looked down the back of my sofa but didn't come up with enough to make an offer

  4. I persuaded Barry to sell me a kit just after he stopped production.Built in 6 weeks it was the best fun and talking point EVER!!! Wish I still had it!!


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