Thursday, April 5, 2012

Dekotora (decorated) Trucks

It’s interesting how films can influence car culture even developing a whole new style, who can forget the Fast and the Furious effect back in 2001 on the modified car front. But this wasn’t the first film to start a modifying craze. Back in 1975 there was a Japanese film made about truck drivers called Torakku Yarō (Trucker Guys). I know Japanese truck driving, but the star of the film wasn’t the action or the girls or even the main stars but his chrome laden trucks, with extended bumpers and covered in lights. Since then this style of modifying has grown, as usual, out of one-upmanship resulting in these trucks today.

In the daylight they look awesome-

But at night-

Okay close you mouths. This is definitely one of those life style choices and puts the more European truck paintjob modifying in the shadow. Oh and below is a clip of the original film from where it all started.

Original film trailer-

For more information-

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