Thursday, May 24, 2012

A meet

Its part and parcel of owning an older car, retro or classic that at some time you will attend a local “meet” be it marque specific or general (I for one attend both kinds), it’s a chance to catch up in an informal situation (most seem to be at a local pub or for me Krispy Kreme’s) not that a day spent at a car show showing off your car or just walking round and chatting is formal mind you. Personally I love a good old meet with fellow enthusiasts as it gives you a chance to talk about your favourite passion to other likeminded and understanding folk. It’s almost an AA meeting for petrol heads and I need my fix about once a month. I thought I’d share a few pics of a few I’ve been to recently, one marque or rather car specific, VW Scirocco and the other a general meet for retro cars, Retrobuetes.
The Scirocco Register meet is one close to my heart, for one I own a MK2 and secondly I arrange it. The venue is usually the Krispy Kremes at the Trafford Centre in Manchester on a Sunday afternoon. This one was unusually sunny, but allowed a great variety of cars to come together for donuts and coffee.

The Retrobeutes meet is one I just attend, and there’s usually a good mix of cars from Ford Capri’s to Golf’s, this one is held at the George and Dragon pub in Glazebury on a Tuesday night and is a good chance to see what other scenes are up to.!/retrobeutes

At the heart of both is the same enthusiastic type of people to whom a car no not just transport but says something about them and who they are. So if you do own one or want to just go and see some old metal then find out when your next local meet is and go over, most people are more than happy to talk about their cars, and a new audience is always a bonus.


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