Thursday, June 28, 2012

Dome Zero

The Japanese supercar from the 1970’s that almost was. Built by race car builder Dome and debuted at the 1978 Geneva Motor Show as a sensation that would surely get financial backing as well as the super rich wanting this exotic car. Unfortunately due to red tape the homogenization from the ministry of transport of Japan (Dome simply couldn’t afford the development costs to get the car thought the hoops) , for a limited run of road racers was declined. That wasn’t the end of the Zero though, to try and get round this issue Dome set up an operation in the USA, with the intention of re-importing the car back to Japan. While financing was being sorted the right to the image of the car was sold to be turned in to toys, to allow development to continue.


For the US market the Zero P2 was developed to comply with their requirements, hence the larger bumpers and boxier body. For one reason or another the production car never arrived. One silver lining though was the P2 could qualify as a Le Mans racer!!!! So it went racing, not finishing in 1979 and coming last in 1980. I suppose although it look good in only brought 145bhp to the racing table, so was abit fur coat no knickers, but what a fur coat-




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