Monday, July 30, 2012

Detailed and Awesome Summer Bash

It hammered it down all night and in the morning it was still raining, but then about 10am, the sky cleared for long enough for the decision to head over to Irlam for the Awesome Summer Bash, just 15minutes away. I went to this a few years ago and its more of a huge meet at the VW/VAG specialist workshop. Low cars was the order of the day from the ones in the “show” areas in front of the building its self, to those scraping into the public free car park opposite. There were all manner of Germany’s finest in attendance from mint MK1 Golf’s, through to an Audi R8. The on off showers didn’t seem to deter people from having a look around and the number of people walking around the car park matched that of the show areas themselves, proving that this is a, show what you brung, kind of event.. Highlights for me was the MK1 Golf with what looked like an South American “Brazil” front end on it!!!!!

Oh and when you look at the photos in the slide show try and spot all the different wheels fitted from other manufacturers, such as Bentley, Mercedes and Range Rover!!!!!!

A great event even with the rain, which just goes to show it’s all about being part of it and just turning up.

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